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The benefits of drinking Hydrogen Infused Water explained by PIURIFY

The benefits of drinking Hydrogen Infused Water explained by PIURIFY

PIURIFY holds itself to a promise of ensuring people have access to relevant information and products for air and water improvement. The PIURIFY water hydrogenator is helping people improve the quality of drinking water inside their homes.

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Around 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water and at least 60% of the human body is made up of water. But why is it that people do not consume enough fluids daily?

With benefits ranging from digestion, transportation of nutrients, maintaining body temperature, creation of saliva and more, water keeps all body systems functioning properly. And as more people become health conscious, the importance of staying hydrated has been emphasized by health experts and professionals.

Due to the huge impact of water on health and wellbeing, PIURIFY has dedicated itself to helping people improve air and water quality in their homes. The company provides high-quality, up-to-date, relevant information and products to make this possible. The PIURIFY water hydrogenator is a product that turns tap water into treasure by infusing hydrogen into it.

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Benefits of hydrogen water

The hydrogen water generator targets impurities in drinking water and restores minerals. According to PIURIFY, hydrogen water has many health benefits that everyone should lean into. Some include

  • Boosts the immune system

Drinking hydrogen-infused water repairs and restores the gut. This helps improve food tolerances and gives an overall immune boost to the body.

  • Increased energy

Struggling to find the energy to go about day-to-day activities is nothing new. However, drinking hydrogen water instead of caffeine signals the production of natural energy in the body. Hydrogen water also protects cells from oxidative stress that lowers energy levels and causes cell damage.

  • Improved metabolism

Regular use of hydrogen water helps reset metabolism, slow the aging process, and prevent bad cholesterol. Hydrogen water is rich in antioxidants that help improve sleep quality and boost skin vitality.

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Who should drink hydrogen water?

According to PIURIFY, hydrogen water is vital for everyone, from the elderly, young children, healthy adults, pregnant women, athletes, and everyone in between.

How the PIURIFY water hydrogenator works

The alkaline water ionizer infuses hydrogen gas into the water to provide active hydrogen molecules. While water contains two hydrogen atoms, they are bound to oxygen, making them unavailable for other interactions. When small and soluble molecular hydrogen is introduced, it quickly circulates to the power centers of cells in the human body. The alkaline water pitcher enriches the water to become a natural antioxidant through electrolysis.

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The PIURIFY water hydrogenator is an alkaline water filter jug with a modern, sturdy design for any homestead. The hydrogen water generator uses advanced SPE and PEM concentrator technology to purify water, balance PH, and filter impurities.

The hydrogenator features a sensitive touch panel that facilitates the simple three-step process of infusing hydrogen into drinking water. After filling the pitcher with drinking water, the user selects the program they want and enjoys hydrogenated water in minutes.

The hydrogen water generator also features a titanium platinum electrode that infuses hydrogen into the water while removing Ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and Chlorine. The calcium sulfite filter also removes chlorine and chloramines from the water. The integrated mixer ensures that the water retains hydrogen up to 3 times longer.

Finally, the PIURIFY alkaline water ionizer has a self-cleaning function to maintain the pitcher in a fresh and clean state.

Choose water with benefits by getting the PIURIFY water hydrogenator here!

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