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Hydrogen Water vs. Alkaline Water: Key Differences

Hydrogen water and alkaline water are both ionized forms of a classic: good old H2O. But there are significant differences between the two, and a variety of distinct health benefits that you may only find with hydrogen-enriched water. 

What Is Hydrogen Water?

The idea of hydrogen water may seem confusing at first, given that the chemical makeup of regular water already contains two hydrogen atoms. However, the hydrogen atoms in regular water are bound to oxygen. Hydrogen water, or hydrogen-rich water, contains additional hydrogen atoms that bind with one another and mix in with the water molecules. 

What Is Alkaline Water?

Similar to hydrogen water, alkaline water is infused with additional molecules. However, instead of extra hydrogen, alkaline water typically contains alkaline minerals such as calcium or magnesium. 

Hydrogen Water vs. Alkaline Water

Although hydrogen water and alkaline water are both types of ionized water, they are distinct products that have different chemical compositions and impact your health in different ways. 

Chemical Composition and Production

Hydrogen water is typically made using a process called electrolysis. During electrolysis, a water ionizer is used to pass an electrical current through water. The electricity excites the water molecules, forcing them to split into individual atoms of hydrogen and oxygen.

Splitting the oxygen and hydrogen atoms apart allows them to recombine into new molecules. During this process, hydrogen will combine with itself to form hydrogen gas. This hydrogen gas mixes with the water molecules that weren't split during electrolysis, leaving you with hydrogen-enriched water. 

Alkaline water can also be made using electrolysis or by dissolving minerals, like calcium or magnesium, into the water. The mineral content raises the pH of the water, making it slightly more basic (or alkaline) than regular tap water. Hydrogen water, on the other hand, actually has around the same neutral pH as tap water. 

Health Benefits Comparison

Studies show that both alkaline and hydrogen water have moderate health benefits. Alkaline water, in particular, may improve sleep and blood pressure in post-menopausal women, improve acid buildup during exercise, and help with heartburn. 

Individual studies examining the health benefits of hydrogen water have shown a range of improvements, as well. Some hydrogen water benefits may include: 

  • Reductions in total cholesterol levels
  • Improved cardiovascular health, particularly in patients with angina
  • Increased kidney function in patients with chronic kidney disease
  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles and improvements in some skin conditions
  • Lowered inflammatory responses
  • Positive effects on mood and lowered anxiety

Other studies show the potential of hydrogen water to reduce fatigue during exercise, increase overall muscle power, and help remove contaminating particles from the lungs and bloodstream to help prevent extreme lung injuries. 

Hydrogenized water may provide these health benefits because of the antioxidant properties of molecular hydrogen. Cells in the body are constantly exposed to molecules called free radicals, which can cause significant damage if left unchecked. Unfortunately, free radicals are impossible to avoid: They pop up due to a variety of typical activities, such as exercising or sunbathing, or as a byproduct of normal bodily functions. 

Antioxidants like molecular hydrogen are essential for neutralizing free radicals and may help prevent some of the worst damage these molecules can cause. Molecular hydrogen water's antioxidant effects likely contribute to its many health benefits. 

Overall, studies have shown that both hydrogen and alkaline water may positively impact overall health, ranging from improvements in exercise performance to reduced inflammatory responses and improved organ function. 

Suitable Uses for Each Type of Water

Despite their differences, both hydrogen water and alkaline water are excellent sources of hydration. The National Academy of Medicine recommends that healthy adults drink anywhere from 9 to 13 cups of liquids each day — more if you’re sick, exercising, or in a hot climate. 

Alkaline water may be beneficial for people with acid reflux or severe heartburn, as its higher pH may help neutralize stomach enzymes that produce acid and buffer excessive acid already present in the stomach. 

However, alkaline water, such as proton pump inhibitors, is not recommended for people already using medication to block stomach acid production. The water may interact poorly with these medications and cause significant issues

Alkaline water may also have some benefits for athletes who experience substantial lactic acid buildup, a common reason behind muscle cramping during exercise. One thing to note, though, is alkaline water's increased pH may cause it to have a bitter or unpleasant taste. 

Hydrogen water also seems to benefit athletes, particularly athletes who train intensively, without the side effect of bad taste. Hydrogen water may also prevent lactic acid buildup before cramps happen and reduce fatigue during exercise. 

Hydrogen water may benefit a wide variety of people, ranging from:

  • People looking to boost their heart, kidney, and liver health
  • Individuals seeking to increase the amount of antioxidants in their diet
  • Anyone looking to boost their mood or lower their anxiety

Cost and Accessibility

Both hydrogen water and alkaline water are readily available pre-packaged, although costs may vary depending on brand, location, and type. 

Hydrogen water can also be made right at home with an easy-to-use water hydrogenator. Water hydrogenators save money in the long run, reduce the amount of single-use plastics, and provide a constant source of hydrogenated water right from home. 

Make the Right Choice With Piurify

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